Posture tips to help back pain

In the last couple of posts we discussed different types of posture and the effect bad posture can have on back pain. The Mayo clinic has a good guide to healthy posture and some easy tips on how to evaluate your posture at home. Please follow the link below for additional information.

If you’re unsure about how good your posture is and what would be the best exercises to maintain a healthy posture then why don’t you book an appointment at the Lucerne Clinic in Notting Hill Gate. Our Osteopaths have many years of experience in dealing with postural problem.

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Colic : what is it ?

Colic is a frequent and excessive crying in a baby who seems to be healthy and well fed.
We know that Cranial Osteopathy help to release the tension due to the delivery on the skull and also on the digestive system.

Read more about cranial osteopathy and colics on Baby Center

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