Ben Horlock

Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser (RHAD) MHSAA Audiologist
Ben Horlock is a highly experienced professional in the field of ear wax removal, specialising in pain-free and safe treatments using Microsuction. With over 5 years of dedicated experience, Ben has become a trusted expert in addressing the common issue of blocked ears and its impact on hearing.

Throughout his career, Ben has successfully helped numerous individuals suffering from muffled and dull hearing due to earwax build-up. He understands the discomfort and frustration that can arise from blocked ears and is committed to providing effective solutions to restore clear hearing.

Ben’s expertise lies in utilising the Microsuction technique, a gentle and precise method for removing excess ear wax. This technique ensures a thorough and comfortable experience for his patients, as he priorities their well-being and comfort throughout the process.

As a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser (RHAD), Ben is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in ear care and hearing technology. He consistently strives to enhance his knowledge and skills to provide the best possible care for his patients.

With a passion for helping others overcome hearing challenges, Ben is known for his professionalism, empathy, and commitment to delivering exceptional hearing care services. If you’re experiencing blocked ears or related issues, Ben is the trusted expert to turn to for a pain-free and safe solution to improve your hearing.

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Insurance : AXA / PPP, Aviva, CIGNA, Pru Health, WPA, April and most UK and International insurers.

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  • Nous sommes allés voir Pierre pour notre fils alors âgé de 10 mois. Les séances ont énormément aidé notre petit garçon qui était agité et dormait mal. En relâchant les tensions autour de sa mâchoire et de son crâne, Pierre a aidé Antoine en quelques séances à bénéficier de nuits complètes et paisibles. Pierre est extrêmement patient et calme avec les enfants et nous recommandons ses services à nombre de nos amis!

    Christelle T.
  • Pierre helped me a lot late 2013 when back and neck stiffness was stopping me sleeping. In one treatment I felt better and have not looked back. Good value and effective. I recommend him.

    Stephen Allcock
  • I have been suffering from severe depression. The complexity of anxiety also prevailed due to strict upbringing and other emotional issue. When I visited Nicki, my half problem was gone with her friendly and helpful behavior. She is uniquely talented and has my whole-hearted recommendations.

    Florian G