Tim Goullet

B.Sc., D.O., N.D., G.Os.C

Timp Goullet has 25 years experience practising as an osteopath and also as a lecturer at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine.

He initially worked as a physical trainer after completing a degree in Sports Science which nurtured a desire to understand the body on a much deeper level.

Tim’s approach to osteopathy is to treat the whole person with the aim of creating profound improvement in overall health. So improvements in internal organ function, circulation, skin conditions, headaches/migraines and digestion are examples of some unexpected benefits which can be produced with osteopathic treatment.

Tim has a wealth of exercise understanding and experience, having practised yoga for 15 years and also karate for 30 years, reaching 5th Dan level. Tim’s treatment is therefore particulary effective for yoga practitioners, martial artists, dancers and sports men and women.

Tim is designing his own exercise system Natural Bodyworx.

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Insurance : AXA / PPP, Aviva, CIGNA, Pru Health, WPA, April and most UK and International insurers.

  • Nous sommes allés voir Pierre pour notre fils alors âgé de 10 mois. Les séances ont énormément aidé notre petit garçon qui était agité et dormait mal. En relâchant les tensions autour de sa mâchoire et de son crâne, Pierre a aidé Antoine en quelques séances à bénéficier de nuits complètes et paisibles. Pierre est extrêmement patient et calme avec les enfants et nous recommandons ses services à nombre de nos amis!

    Christelle T.
  • Pierre helped me a lot late 2013 when back and neck stiffness was stopping me sleeping. In one treatment I felt better and have not looked back. Good value and effective. I recommend him.

    Stephen Allcock
  • I have been suffering from severe depression. The complexity of anxiety also prevailed due to strict upbringing and other emotional issue. When I visited Nicki, my half problem was gone with her friendly and helpful behavior. She is uniquely talented and has my whole-hearted recommendations.

    Florian G