Registered Osteopath, D.Ost. , M.Sc
Pierre uses a global and encompassing approach to treat his patients. Based on his osteopathic training, he developed a structural osteopathic approach as well as a solid clinical diagnosis and reasoning alongside effective treatment skills and patient management. Pierre Etcheverry specialized in treating infants and young children as well as pregnant women through a cranio-sacral approach and his several trainings both in France and UK. He also worked at Body & Soul (AIDS children support charity) for 3 years as an osteopath. He is currently working in the French-English therapists group “Baby and me” specialized in pregnancy, neonatal and postnatal treatments.He uses a combined approach for treatment involving structural, visceral and cranial osteopathic techniques which can be particularly beneficial for pregnant women, newborn babies and the elderly. He also worked with a UK rugby team which makes him the best choice to advice you rehabilitation and stretch exercises. He speaks fluent English and French and is registered with the General Osteopathic Council.Email: pierre@lucerneclinic.co.uk
Phone: 07803 419 784
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Price : £75 for 40min.

Availability : Thursdays : 2pm to 8pm/ Saturdays : 9am to 1pm

Insurance : AXA / PPP, Aviva, CIGNA, Pru Health, WPA, April and most UK and International insurers.



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  • Nous sommes allés voir Pierre pour notre fils alors âgé de 10 mois. Les séances ont énormément aidé notre petit garçon qui était agité et dormait mal. En relâchant les tensions autour de sa mâchoire et de son crâne, Pierre a aidé Antoine en quelques séances à bénéficier de nuits complètes et paisibles. Pierre est extrêmement patient et calme avec les enfants et nous recommandons ses services à nombre de nos amis!

    Christelle T.
  • Pierre helped me a lot late 2013 when back and neck stiffness was stopping me sleeping. In one treatment I felt better and have not looked back. Good value and effective. I recommend him.

    Stephen Allcock